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Oil Country Season 2 Episode 2

As winter continues to reach into april here in #Berta, the Oil Country crew continues to put out local content! Check out the latest below.

Oil Country Season 2 Episode 1

HELLLLLLLLLOOO!! Oil Country is back and coming in hot with Episode one from their second season. That being said, we won’t waste anymore of your time, click play below and enjoy!

Dwayne Wiebe Quickie

To follow up yesterdays clip of Jon Chew, we also have a quickie line coming from Dwayne Wiebe. He also thinks tubby tube lines are terrific.

Jon Chew Quickie

Most resorts are moving on to forming their permanent parks for the season, but until they do so there are several temp parks that are constructed. This is a quick top to bottom of Sunshine Village’s Strawberry Temp Park with our own Jon Chew.

Skate Break

And you thought we were doing nothing at all….. Wrong! We are enjoying our respected summer activities and over all being pretty lazy, which we must say is pretty great. One of those summer activities happens to be skateboarding, so Evan went out for the afternoon and filmed a couple laps in the Banff Mini with Dwayne. Hope everybody is having a killer summer, soak it up!

Oil Country Spring

Wondering what it is like to do some boarding with your buddies in a spring time Oil Country? Well here is in Episode 5!

This is the 5th episode in the web series “Oil Country”. Spring is a short season in Alberta and we do our best to enjoy the parks provided by our local mountains. We hope you enjoyed following our season as much as we enjoyed making this series. Featuring Dwayne Wiebe, Dave Schmidt, Steveo Callen, Jon Chew, Ryan Wells, Alex Morris and many more.

Oil Country Episode 4

Oil Country is now over the hill with their 4th installment out of 6 of this web series! Episode 4 features a pretty sweet mixed bag of terrain and riders from around these parts… some spots which may catch your eye from this years X-games Real Snow. Check it out!