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Oil Country Season 3 Episode 1

Here it is! We’re back, Oil Country is back… Things aren’t looking half bad in this valley we call home. So with that, use that cursor of yours, grab a coffee, beer, shot of vodka, kale smoothie…. you get the point. Press play and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour!

Filmed and Edited by: Evan Lavallee and Matt Bryson

Dickin’ Around in December

What UP!

Got a quickie clip here for those of you still tuning in to the site. We spent most of our December just cruising mini shred laps and drinking beers. While taking part in such activities we managed to catch a few moving images. We hope this small summary of our month of dickin around on the resort will make ya wanna get out there and throw some snow with your pals! Thanks for watching!


Brought to you in part by McDonalds and The Jack Daniels Company.

Jon Chew November Laps


Anybody still out there? We fully understand if there is not. Regardless of if there is anybody left visiting this page or not, we are still going to make an effort to throw some content your way this season! So here is the first clip of hopefully many. Jon Chew with some causal early season laps at Sunshine Village, enjoy!



Oil Country Season 2 Episode 2

As winter continues to reach into april here in #Berta, the Oil Country crew continues to put out local content! Check out the latest below.

Oil Country Season 2 Episode 1

HELLLLLLLLLOOO!! Oil Country is back and coming in hot with Episode one from their second season. That being said, we won’t waste anymore of your time, click play below and enjoy!

Dwayne Wiebe Quickie

To follow up yesterdays clip of Jon Chew, we also have a quickie line coming from Dwayne Wiebe. He also thinks tubby tube lines are terrific.

Jon Chew Quickie

Most resorts are moving on to forming their permanent parks for the season, but until they do so there are several temp parks that are constructed. This is a quick top to bottom of Sunshine Village’s Strawberry Temp Park with our own Jon Chew.